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2007-09-09 21:59:49 by finalfant111

Ok, I'm really ticked, why the hell don't people rate fairly on this site? I look at the submissions of the people that give me reviews and they suck, their videos are just crap, and they give me a bad score, I think majority of them are jealous that mine are better then theirs, I rate videos according to how much work and effort was put into them and how much knowledge they have of Actionscript and Tweens (and if anyone makes a comment about that word, then you shouldn't even be judging ANYthing on this site, because that would mean you know NOTHING about FLASH)

New Vids

2007-09-09 06:09:27 by finalfant111

Well I've put some new videos on and I'm hoping they get a better score then usual. I work really hard on these videos and they get bad scores, people go to much for look anymore rather then detail and thouroughness . Please rate me nicely.